The Burscough Brewing Company

 The Burscough Brewing Company Limited was founded and registered on 17th April 2010 by Andy Brocken and Mike McCombe who are  the two directors of the company.

Anyone local to the Burscough area will know Mike and Julie proprietors of the Hop Vine public house in the centre of Burscough village, Andy has spent the last 26 plus years working in the IT industry but is an avid real ale fan and has this year completed a brewing course at Brewlab, Sunderland and spent time brewing at Wylam Brewery, Heddon on the Wall, Northumberland.

Our Brewery is located in a cobbled courtyard to the rear of the Hop Vine pub and is housed in the old stables that played an important role in the former life of the pub when it was a busy Coaching House on old Turnpike road, which is now the A59- It has been very rewarding seeing almost derelict buildings brought back to life and refurbish to accommodate a modem micro-brewery.

Our 4bbl brewing plant started out life back in October 2006 at Black Mountain Brewery, Llangadog, South Wales and was used until spring 2009 when after the brewery closed, it was sold to Oban Ales, Kjlmelford, Scotland.

Oban Ales commenced brewing in February 2010 but due to a number of difficulties decided to cease brewing and sell the plant in September 2010 and fortunately for us we were successful in buying it. Andy   visited Oban at the beginning of October and assisted with Oban    Ales final brew and the plant was shipped to Burscough where it arrived early morning on Tuesday 26th October.

The brewery underwent an expansion in September 2011 when we recruited a full time brewer, an apprentice brewer, a sales manager and a day man.  Brewing capacity increased and we are now brewing in excess of 5760 pints a week. We have also increased our range of beer  from our original 2, Priory Gold and Ringtail and now have 10  different beers  in our portfolio. These range from our very light Mere Blonde. (4.0%) to our dark Black Cannon Stout, (4.5%) and from strength prospective from our Flat Rib Mild (3.6%) to our (6.0%) winter ale. Old Habit.

Further expansion is planned for 2012 with new larger brewing plant in a "Secret" location within the Burscough area.

You can visit the Brewery web site HERE